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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pet Care Poems Going to the Vet and What do Our Pets Need

Pet Care Poems
Welcome to today’s lesson on taking care of you pet
Murphy, please tell me what is a vet
A vet is a doctor who takes care of your pets

Puddin, when you go to the vet, what do you get?
Vet gives me a shot, but I don’t fret
I know it’s good medicine that I'm going to get
‘Cause if I get sick, my mom will be upset

Matt-Matt, how often do we go to the vet
At least once year so the vet can give us

Puddin, during that check, what do you get?
The vet checks for diseases to make sure they are not a threat

Very good Puddin, we’re not done just yet
There’s one more important thing that you get at
the vet

r heartworm medicine is what you need to get
And once a month, you give it to your pet

Or else we will get sick, on that you can bet.

In conclusion, don’t forget to go see your vet
The vet will keep you healthy, so there will be no regrets


What do our pets need?
The answer is quite simple you see
They need the same things as you and me
They need to exercise and run and play
They need to spend time with family each and every day
Our pets get bored, our pets get sad
But when we get home, they are very glad
What if you lived alone, outside all day in a yard that’s fenced in
You might try to run away; go looking for friends
What if you had a lot of energy, but nothing to do
You might get destructive and scratch and chew
When pets eat your homework or chew up your shoe
They are not being bad; they just need something to do
So please don’t get angry or mad
Instead play with them and then everyone will  be glad
Our pets are special and should be treated that way
They are our family; let’s love them every day




Capture your dog doing something desirable, then reward her.
Called capturing, This works well for going potty, speaking, etc..
But I also like to use it in place of physical manipulation - especially with senior dogs (who will have joint problems), or dogs who have fear or aggression issues.
You've tried and tried to get your Big Dawg to sit, but the treat or toy lure just isn't working.  Instead, wait until you see your dog about to plop down his but.  Say "sit" and praise or if you have treats handy, give a treat.  If you have a clicker on you, click.  This might take a little longer because you will have to catch them in the act.  But it works.
Note: If you say the command 3 seconds after the dog has sat, it's probably too late. You'll want to catch them in the act.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rodney is in a new home

See email from his family:
Hi La Trenda,
I know you want to call and see how he's doing ( I know I would if were you!), so I thought I'd email and give you his evening activities. He's been busy cooking and playing!

He was very sad when you left and squeaked and stood right by the front door (and kept returning to it). I put [Rodney's Mom's Dog] sof-crate in the kitchen with me, and Rodney helped me make meatballs and also had some time to get used to me and my voice. Then we went and played outside where he went on a big sprint round the garden (so cute!). We've been outside to play about 4 more times and enjoyed looking at the moon. He just loved [husband] and raced around with his toy while [husband] chased him. Also tracked a possum trail around the trees in the back.

[baby] watched Rodney during his dinner in fascination and kept loudly yelling "Ba" and smiling at Rodney. Any time Rodney moved out of sight, [baby] leaned over in the highchair to see him. I think they're a perfect match!

And then once [baby] went to bed, Ben and I sat on the floor with him and played with the Nylabone, the treat toy, and a tug toy. He was so well-behaved and he lay next to us and chewed his toy while we petted him.

He's squeaking off and on now that it's bedtime but he's settling in and seems very comfy with his wonderful quilt you had for him. He'll be dreaming of La Trenda and all the hard work and love she put in to finding him a safe, happy home!!

Tell Lupe and Matt-Matt woof from Rodney!
[Rodney's Mom}

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guidelines for Lupe and Matt-Matt's N...


Thank so much for visiting our group page.

Lupe and Matt-Matt's Northeast Dog Walking Group has partnered with SA Big Dawgs so you might see some of the same meetups from time to time.

Please check both calendars often for dog walking meetups and for other animal related events


Dog Walking meetup events will be in green and animal related events and volunteer opportunities will be in tan.


  • Guidelines for Lupe and Matt-Matt's Northeast Dog Walking

  • No flexi-leads please

  • Consider carrying an air horn or citronella spray incase we encounter any loose dogs

  • If your dog does not like other dogs, he or she is still welcome.  Just let the group members know that you don't want other dogs approaching your dog or have your dog wear a red bandana

  • If your dog is extra aggressive, you might want to consider a basket muzzle.  It will allow the dog to breathe and pant easily but also keep him/her and others safe.

  • We don't check for vaccinations, but we prefer that your dog be up to date on rabies, parvo, distemper shots, etc..  It might also be safer if your dog is also up to date on bordatella since he/she will be around other dogs.

  • No females in heat, please

  • Not a requirement, but we love to see dogs that are spayed/neutered.

  • If you perform dog-related services, you can hand out business cards, but please don't solicate or try to "sell" your product to dog walkers

  • If you have animals available for adoption, you can let other dog walkers know that and you can hand out cards, but please don't try to convince anyone to adopt

  • If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call or email La Trenda

  • 210-649-0391,



Monday, July 6, 2009

Rodney's Medical Records and Bills

Rodney's Medical Records from the Emergency Pet Center 6-10-2009 through 6-18-2009
Part One Pages 1 through 14
Part Two Pages 15 through 28

Rodney's Credit Card Bills from the Emergency Pet Center and VCA Health Associates (paid as of 6-18-2009. See below picture or click here

Rodney's Medical Bills from VCA Health Associates
6-18-2009 through 7-06-2009 (not yet paid)

Rodney's Bill 6-10- 2009 through 6-18-2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rodney Chronology

Rodney Chronology
Please scroll down to see a video from 6-10, 6-18 and 6-27 and 07-02.
Please see our main page for more info on Rodney:
Also see below for some breeds that look like Rodney
And click this link to see some still pics taken from the video shot on June 27th, 2009








Whippet the last part of video looks like Rodney's ears

Whippet the toes look just like Rodney's